Quarantine Life

Can we talk about the stages of this? If you've noticed I skipped a Friday with no entry. Your girl is struggling hard. Not the whole quarantine just in waves. In the beginning I was off for a week due to requested time off - I "planned" a week full of things for me and my family to do. Yet - I did nothing but stay home. I was excited to spend time with my husband and just relax a bit. It was okay at first.

Then I went back to work - I've been working from home since 2015, since Bella was born. I was used to working from home. What I wasn't used to was having both kids at home while trying to work, while having to take breaks to help my husband who had them. It was nice to have him home to get that help with them. After I went back to work for a week it was still "ok". We had a few nice days, went outside, walked, worked out, seen my bestfriend 6 feet apart. It was definitely okay then.

Then they called to tell me school was out for the year - I guess still ok.. I could feel myself wear down a bit. We had like a week full of rain then. Stuck inside, tired of seeing my husband and having to bicker. Tired of the kids crying and getting into every single little thing. Milla loves being held and the attention. Bella is sneaking every thing she can find.

My life at this point consisted of cleaning daily - since everyone was home if I cleaned that morning by noon you couldn't tell it was clean. I stopped working out because I didn't feel motivated. Been eating everything I can find. This week I just felt like a failure. Felt like I was failing as a mom. Was tired of nagging with my husband. I just wanted to go out by myself and have me time. I didn't write a blog that week, I was too tired and so unmotivated.

Next week it's going to be beautiful outside, let us hope for a positive motivation week. Plan on eating clean again, working out, playing some badminton with my husband. (bought a kit off amazon for like $110), teach Bella some, and relax a bit outside.

It's okay if you're not doing school work, or working out every day, or if you're up and down like I am. We are doing the best we can under this circumstance. Just living a history book chapter in the flesh.

XoXo Mom Bae

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