More Than a Mom

Hi, my name is Juana - most already know this lol. I want to briefly introduce myself but not too much to bore you. Basics, I am: 24 years old, Mexican - but also American encouraged (we will discuss later), a Mom to - Two daughters, a wife, someones: daughter, sister, friend, and A Person. Which will now lead to the purpose of this blog. You are more than a mom ok? You are a Person. A person allowed - yes allowed to be More Than a Mom!! Too often we are told "kids will change your life for ever, your life is ruined once you have kids". STOP. Okay - just stop. You can and will be More Than a Mom. You can be a dreamer, an entrepreneur, a lover, a traveler - anything YOU decide to be. This will not make you any less than a Mom. I believe I can have it all and still be a bomb ass mom. I always felt this but I never lived by it. I was too caught up trying to clean, take care of my girls, or just day to day mom life shit. It wasn't until recently when due to relationship issues I decided to explore my inner-self and truly know Who Juana Is - and What Juana Wants. I discovered I want it all. I want to be a mom - I love being a mom (since for ever I knew what that meant), a wife but also - I want to be a boss ass bitch. Who doesn't right? But here is the thing - I didn't know what that meant. To me, that means now,  I will be putting a lot on my plate, for some too much. But I was okay with that. I was okay with staying up a bit late to finish up house duties, or leaving work early to - not miss school meetings, but also miss work for simple things, like having breakfast with my dad who I barely see, or to attend a birthday party for my best-friend. Now - it's important for me to build individual relationships with each person in my life I Choose to have a relationship with - again I Choose to - not obligated. As a person, I am loving myself- but what does that mean? It means I need to learn who I am, who I was, and who I want to be. I used to just be a young girl obsessed with her boyfriend, who neglected her parents, and wanted to be a teacher. I now am, a grown ass woman, who married that boyfriend but wants to be still her, a daughter that owes her parents time and love, and now... I want to be an inspiration and a person to YOU. I want to be your person. I want you to read my post and feel, heard, acknowledged, understood, accepted, and forgiven. My post will not be a fake, they will be raw - maybe too raw for some - but I'm Okay with that. This blog is meant to shine light on things we don't speak about- on things you hold inside of you that make you feel lonely some times. I've been there.. I am telling you - you are not thee only one, people just don't speak about it. I have created this More Than a Mom Blog to hopefully change your life and give you peace and encouragement. I hope you learn to love yourself more with each post and accept that you are More Than a Mom - and you're okay with that.

XoXo Mom Bae

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