Juana Gibbs

A young want to have it all mom, who decided to love herself above all things. Be great and inspire others. I love to embrace my emotions, challenge myself, expand myself, and empower myself. It's been a journey I want to share with everyone and hopefully awaken some neglected feelings within you.  

It's important to understand this is my life and my views on life, you are allowed to have a difference in opinion. If my blog isn't a good fit for you, that's okay. If it is a good fit for you please be aware this is real, this is my life and my issues I've decided to expose to comfort you. I love my kids, my husband, my family, and my friends. I have their blessing, especially my husband which I will expose as well - he fully supports me and my blogs. Please know he is an extraordinary man, dad, and even more amazing husband for allowing me to expose our issues in order to pursue my dreams.  This isn't meant to bash anyone or bring anyone down. The entire point of this blog is to be positive and to learn to accept yourself and lead with positivism. Hope you become a loyal respectful reader!


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